Air Filtration Products

ULPA Filter, HEPA Filter, Fan FIlter Unit (FFU), Secondary Filter, Primary Filter, Bag Filter, AAF Air Purifier.
Air Filters Products
AmAir 300X
filters are constructed with AAF's totally unitized, double wall, moisture resistant die-cut beverage frame. The media pack is bonded inside the frame at all points and the pleat support grid is made from welded wire. Available nominal thickness: 1", 2" and 4". Available with INTERSEPT® antimicrobial.
Pleated Washable Filter
High dust holding capacity and long service life Reduce the risk of fire Low initial resistance Lightweight and easy to install Choice of media in the classification range G3 to F5 (EN779)
The RigiFil is a rigid, durable extended surface filter that is ideal for variable volume (VAV) systems. Built with galvanized steel cell sides and synthetic media, the RigiFil also offers superior moisture resistance and dependability. Available in 4 efficiencies designated by a color coded media: 40%-45%(white), 60%-65% (green), 80%-85% (pink) and 90%-95% (yellow). Available depth: 6" & 12"
VariCel® II
Medium and High efficiency micro-fine glass fiber filter. Made with AAF’s exclusive Slim Line Design, mini-pleat separator concept. Available efficiencies: 60%-65%, 80%-85%, 90%-95%. Available with INTERSEPT® antimicrobial (60%-65% and 90%-95% efficiencies). Available nominal depth: 4". Available in commerical grade.
VariCel® V
High capacity, low resistance mini-pleat extended surface filters designed for operation up to 750 FPM. Made of ultrafine glass fiber media and corrosion resistant components. Available efficiencies: 70%, 80% and 95%. Available with INTERSEPT® antimicrobial (95% efficiency). Available nominal depth: 12".
AstroCel I
HEPA & ULPA filter available in a broad selection of efficiencies, cell side materials and configurations. Separators are available in corrugated or vinyl coated aluminum. Made of ultra fine glass fiber media. Available efficiencies: 99.97% to 99.9995%. Available nominal depth: 6" and 12".
AstroCel® II
Mini-pleat design filter using special thermoplastic beads separators. Available with a variety of media pack configurations and efficiencies: 99.99%-99.999995%. Standard extruded aluminum cell sides available with knife-edge or gasket seal frame. Available nominal depth: 2" to 4"
MEGAcel™ Series  
The MEGAcel line of PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene) membrane filters are designed to meet stringent semiconductor industry Cleanroom filtration requirements for modular, mini and microenvironments, as stated in the I300I specifications. The MEGAcel™ was developed to provide extremely high particulate efficiencies, combined with low-pressure drops and negligible off-gassing properties. Available in a variety of media pack configurations and meeting efficiency of 99.99995% on MPPS. Available nominal depth: 3" and 4".
AstroCel® TM Module  
The AstroCel® TM Ceiling Module is a disposable unit designed for optimum filter performance with an individually ducted system for use in laminar and non-laminar flow cleanrooms from Class 10 to Class 100,000. Available nominal sizes : 2'x2' & 2'x4'. Housing nominal height: 6" and 7".
AstroFan® Fan Filter Unit (FFU)  
The AstroFan® FFU is a self-contained ceiling fan filter unit for use in turbulent mixing and laminar airflow cleanroom applications. The unit is designed for use with AAF 50mm T-Bar and AstroDry HD ceiling grids and other compatible grids for cleanroom Class 1 to Class 100. High external static pressure of up to 100 Pa at full rated airflow. The Astrofan FFU is designed to accomodate AAF AstroCel® II HEPA/ULPA filter. EC motor and control systems are optional. Nominal sizes : 2'x2', 2'x4', 3'x4' & 4'x4'. Housing nominal height: 11" to 14".

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