We are an experienced cleanroom company with a strong ethos, driven by one objective which is to produce top quality cleanroom facilities with innovative designs.

We offer a full range of cleanroom installation capabilities. This includes HVAC & filtration systems, ductworks, walls, floors, ceilings, control systems, internal fittings, cleanroom equipment, site management and final validation.

For Over 20 years, HEPA TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD has successfully designed and built many cleanroom projects that have met the international standards such as ISO 146441, Fed Std 209E, HACCP, GMP for every industry covering Semiconductor/Microelectronics, Pharmaceuticals, Bioscience, Healthcare, Government Institutions, Injection Moulding, Glove Processing & Packaging, Medical Devices/Disposable, Food & Beverage, etc.

We strive to support our clients in achieving operational goals by providing the best advice & products and by installing the most effective cleanroom facility at sensible price.

Highest quality of workmanship and materials to sustain a best result driven cleanroom system.
Wide experience in designing and building many cleanrooms of Class 10 to Class 100k for small and medium sized customers to the biggest names in the industries.
Performance driven. Meet customer requirement & needs, maintain quality of work & ensure system performance stability.
Added Value. As designer, we minimize the number of intermediates that very often run up project and execution costs to offer our clients a more viable solution at a much lower cost.
Our specialist backed with many years experience will provide you with a solution that meets both your needs and your budget. We provide our supply chain partners with the highest standard of quality with each solution, to ensure long term customer satisfaction.
Our Vision
To Be A Leading Cleanroom Solution Provider And The Choice Of Clients.
Our Mission
Producing cost effective cleanroom solutions and value-added services to our business partners for a win-win business relationship.
Our Commitment
  • Constant Improvement on Cleanroom Knowledge, Results-Driven.
  • Solutions, Delivery On Time and Every Time.